Turks and Caicos - August 2013
We stayed at the all-inclusive Beaches resort and it was awesome! Definitely the most relaxing of all the trips we have taken. I really like to travel, but typically like to try new things each time. Turks and Caicos is an exception. I literally cannot wait to go back there again and stay at this resort. There were 4 different Villages (Caribbean, Italian, French, and Key West) and we stayed at the Italian one. We upgraded to a family suite with a separate kids room with a bunk bed and xbox 360, in addition to an ocean view.
We might have spoiled ourselves by going on this trip in regards to the beach. I’m not sure I’ll ever find a nicer one. The water was crystal clear and fine white sand on the beach. I could spend all day there. I did a fair bit of snorkeling and the kids and Holly enjoyed finding shells and building sand castles. There were also beach activities that we tried like ocean kayaking and aquatrikes (big wheeled tricycle that you peddled to move in the water).
The kids loved the pools and waterpark too. The (45,000 square-foot) waterpark had tube slides, a lazy river, and pirate ship area. They also had a simulated surfing area, but we didn't get a chance to try that.
There were 19 restaurants and 12 bars to choose from. Some of our favorite were mexican (Arizona's), a 50s style diner (Bobby Dee's), pizza (Bella Napolia), and Hibachi (Kimonos). We also got pasteries from Cafe de Paris. On our last night, they had a BBQ at the beach with music, limbo, etc. It was a very nice way to end the trip and watch our final sunset there.